Ride insurance in Kazakhstan

How does ride insurance work?

Insurance coverage begins for both drivers and passengers as soon as a ride with a passenger begins (i.e. when the driver taps On the way). It ends when the ride ends (when the driver taps Finish).

All passengers and the driver are insured against accidents. The number of insured passengers can not exceed the number of seats in the car.

What is included in the insurance?

Life and limb are covered under the policy. Every driver or passenger who is injured in an accident is entitled to compensation:

  • In case of injuries: up to 2,500,000 tenge, depending on severity*
  • In case of disability: up to 2,000,000 tenge, depending on the disability classification*
  • In case of loss of life: 2,500,000 tenge, where compensation is paid to the rightful heirs

* Amount of insurance payments.

The amount of compensation for a single insured incidence can not exceed 2,500,000 tenge per insured individual.

How much does it cost?

For passengers and drivers, this insurance is free.

Who insures rides?

We work with several major insurance companies. To find out what company insured your ride, contact us.

How do I enable insurance?

You don't need to do anything to activate your insurance. Insurance is already included for all Uber rides in Kazakhstan.

In what circumstances can I receive compensation?

If an Uber passenger sustains an injury as a result of an accident during the ride, they are entitled to compensation. It doesn't matter who placed the order. Everyone who was in the vehicle during the ride is insured. The number of insured passengers can not exceed the number of seats in the car.

What should I do at the scene of an accident?

  1. Call 112 and report what happened.
  2. Wait for the arrival of the traffic police and emergency services.
  3. Find out from the traffic police officer the place and time of analysis of your accident.
  4. Get the accident report that lists you as a victim from the traffic police officer.

Can I leave the scene of an accident without waiting for the traffic police?

We recommend waiting for the traffic police to get the documents necessary for receiving insurance coverage.

If you were seriously injured and left the scene in an ambulance, then hospital staff are obligated to inform the traffic police that you were transported from the scene of the accident. This information will be included in your case and you will be listed as a victim in the traffic police report. The report is always compiled based on the results of the incident investigation. The insurer may pay compensation based on the investigation results.

How do I get my compensation?

  1. Go to a trauma unit or clinic to get a letter of verification that you were injured.
  2. Take part in the accident investigation at the traffic police department. When this process is completed, you will receive an official decision regarding the infraction.
  3. Contact us — we will find out what company insured your ride and send them your contact information.
  4. Representatives of the insurance company will contact you and let you know exactly what documents you will need to get compensation.
  5. Within two weeks after getting your documents, the insurance company will make a decision regarding your case and transfer money to your bank account.

What documents do I need in order to get compensated?

The insurance company will let you know exactly what documents they need.

In most cases, you will need the following in order to receive compensation:

  • A copy of your identity card
  • An application to be compensated for damages
  • An excerpt from your medical record or injury report
  • A document about the accident in which you are listed as the victim

Can the insurance company require additional documents?

In some cases, the insurance company may request the following:

  • That you submit additional documents that clarify the circumstances surrounding the accident.
  • That you send originals of the required documents to their office or use a courier service.
  • That you undergo additional medical examinations to confirm the extent of your injuries and the circumstances surrounding them.

What will happen if I ordered a taxi for someone else and they end up in an accident?

They have the right to be compensated. The insurance covers all passengers who were in the car that was carrying out the Uber order. The number of insured passengers cannot exceed the number of seats.

I'm the driver and the accident may have been my fault. Will I still be compensated?

Yes. The insurance company will determine the amount of your compensation. There may be exceptions in some cases. You can find details below.

In what cases will a driver not be paid for damages?

A driver will not be able to receive an insurance payment if they grossly violate traffic regulations (such as running through a red light, driving in an oncoming lane, or disappearing from the scene of an accident). You can learn more about the exceptions to insurance coverage by contacting us via the form below.

Note. This memo is not a public offering. If you still have questions about our insurance program, please contact Uber support staff.

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