How does Uber work?

Uber is a service that connects independent drivers with clients via an app.

It's very simple: in cities where Uber is represented, you can use the app to order a ride. Your order is sent to the nearest independent drivers. When a driver accepts your order, the app displays the approximate time the car will arrive at the pickup location you specified. The app will also send you a notification when the driver is approaching.

To help you find your driver quickly, after you place your order the app will give you the driver's name and the car's make, model and license plate number. After pickup, make sure the destination is indicated correctly in the app. If you have a preferred route, let the driver know.

Your ride is considered complete once you arrive at your destination. The payment invoice is automatically generated and paid using the bank card linked to your Uber account. You can also pay for trips in cash based on the amount specified in the driver's app at the end of the trip. Ask the driver to show you the app screen to clarify the total cost of the trip for cash.

Immediately after the completion of the ride, the app will ask you to rate your experience. To learn more about Uber, read the other help sections.