The tab contains information about all your company's corporate rides.

You can sort the ride list by several parameters:

  • The ride date.
  • The pickup address.
  • The destination address.
  • The order price.

Summary reports

On the Rides tab, you can download a summary report with the following information:

  • Total number of trips.
  • Total travel costs.
  • Date and time of the pickup and drop off for each ride.
  • Passenger data, including name, contact number and their group.
  • The pickup and destination addresses.
  • The rate and the ride cost.
  • The VAT amount and total cost.

To save data to your computer:

  1. Chose the reporting period.
  2. Click the Export button (above the list of employees). The report is saved in Excel format.

Report after each ride

The e-report contains detailed information about your ride:

  • Date and time of the order completion.
  • The departure and arrival addresses.
  • Travel time.
  • Rate.
  • The ride cost.
  • Taxi company information.
  • Driver information.
  • Car information

Trip reports are sent to the email address linked to your company's account when you connect to Yandex.Taxi.

Perform the following steps to change your email address:

  1. On any page in your account profile, at the upper right, click the company name.
  2. Click Edit in the Mail settings for trip reports box.
  3. Enter the new address and click Save.