When an organization connects to the Yandex.Taxi service it receives an account number. The deactivation threshold for the company is set in the contract.

Please note. The account balance must be more than the deactivation threshold, otherwise, the service is suspended.

The balance and the threshold are shown in the menu in your account profile. The information is updated every hour. To open the menu, click the company name at the upper right on any page in your account profile.

Adding money

  1. On any page in your account profile, at the upper right, click the company name.
  2. Enter the amount in the field. There is a minimum payment if you add money for the first time. The amount is specified in the contract or in the terms of use agreement.
  3. Click Create invoice.
  4. In Yandex.Balance:
    1. In the Payment from entry, choose Legal entity.
    2. Choose the payment method.
    3. In payment details, enter the account and the contract number. Otherwise, the money won't be credited to the account and services won't be provided.

The payment processing time depends on your bank's service conditions. Usually the money is credited to the account within 1-3 business days.

Payment documents

Set of payment documents:

  • Act for services provided.
  • Appendix to the act.
  • Invoice.

Documents are issued within seven business days of the beginning of the month following the reporting month. The original documents are sent by mail, and copies of documents are sent to the email address associated with the company's account.

Payment documents are also available in Yandex.Balance: on any page in your account profile, click the company name at the upper right, then click Financial documents.