On the tab, you can order a taxi for employees, clients and company guests.

Attention. Orders made through the and through the site are different. A ride ordered through the site is considered private and must be paid by the passenger.

How to place an order

  1. Go to the Order tab.
    Note. You can also start the order process in the employee profile (click the Order Taxi button) or on the Employees tab (hover over the line with the employee information and click the Order Taxi button).
  2. Enter the address (you can enter it manually or mark it on the map).
  3. Specify the cost center.
  4. Choose a service class.
  5. You have the option to enter your destination. That way a fixed fare will be calculated for your ride.

    You can enter up to three intermediate addresses (click Add a point). You can only make changes while you're placing your order. You can't change a route containing intermediary points during your ride.

  6. If necessary leave a comment.

    In the Comments section, provide any additional information that will help the driver find you. For example, “Wait at back door”.

    Note. You can leave a general comment that applies to all of the company's orders. To do this, on any page in your profile in the upper right corner, click your username and then Edit in the Information for driver field.
  7. Click the Order Taxi button.

After placing an order, the employee or guest receives an SMS with information about the car and the driver's contacts.

How ride cost is calculated

Information about current rates is available on the page.

When placing an order through the corporate client's account, the app for (version 3.50 and later) and Android (version 3.15 or later), the fixed cost of the ride is calculated. In apps running on other versions of your phone's mobile OS, you will get an approximate fare.

The ride fare is calculated based on the service class you chose, any you made, distance to your destination, time en route, traffic, and weather conditions.

Your fixed fare will not increase, even if you end up in an unforeseen traffic jam or the driver had to alter the route. It can be recalculated only if the passenger exceeded the free waiting time, changed the destination, or asked the driver to make a stop on the way.

Note. If you didn't indicate your destination when you placed your order, the screen will display the minimum pickup fare for your chosen service class. In this case, the final cost will be calculated at the end of your ride.

How to cancel the order

On the “Order”
  1. Go to the Order tab.
  2. In the order information section, click Cancel order and confirm the cancellation.
In the employee profile
  1. Go to the employee profile.
  2. In the active order section (displayed at the top of the list), click Cancel order and confirm the cancellation.

Order history

In the Order tab, you can view the history of all orders — active, completed and canceled.

The following information is displayed for each order:

  • Order status.
  • Information about the car assigned to the order.
  • Driver information.
  • Route points.
  • Date and time of the order.
  • Ride cost.

To view all your orders, click on the orders at the bottom of the page.