What is my account profile?

The corporate client's is a tool for managing your employees' access to Yandex.Taxi corporate orders, for making orders and tracking the rides.

What is a minimum payment?

The amount of the first payment to activate the account. The minimum payment amount is specified in the contract or in the offer contract.

What is the deactivation threshold?

The amount on the balance when a taxi can't be ordered.

Can I change the deactivation threshold?

The deactivation threshold can be changed by request after three months of working with the service.

When can I make my first trip?

As soon as the money is on the account. The payment processing time depends on your bank's service conditions.

How can I order a taxi?

In the profile and in the Yandex.Taxi app for or Android.

In the account profile, you can order a taxi for any employee. In the application an employee can order a taxi, and you can control the expenses.

How do I pay for a trip?

The passenger doesn't need to pay the driver. The order amount will be automatically deducted from the personal account.

Is there a minimum number of trips I have to make, such as per month?

There are no restrictions, so you can order a taxi when needed.

Is there a time limit to spend the prepayment amount?

There are no restrictions on the number of trips, nor on the time in which you must spend the balance amount.

Is there a service fee?

Yandex.Taxi doesn't charge corporate clients a service fee. You only pay for completed trips.

Is VAT included in the minimum payment?

Yes, all payment amounts include 18% VAT.

Is the deposit amount limited?

There is a minimum payment if you add money for the first time. The amount is specified in the contract or in the terms of use agreement. There are no restrictions for subsequent payments.

Can I add money from my card?

You can only add money to your balance with a bank transfer to your Yandex.Taxi account.

Can you credit the payment urgently by the payment order?

No. The money must be credited to the personal account and displayed on the balance in the account profile. Only then can you use the service.

How do I track my account status?

On any page in your account profile, at the upper right, click the company name. The account balance is shown in the Balance field.

Can I get my balance money back?

Send a refund request to info@balance.yandex.ru. Our payment group experts will advise you what to do.

What amount is included in the payment documents, the prepayment or the amount for the services provided?

The payment documents are issued based on the services provided.