«Yandex Safe Browsing API» Service Terms of Use

This document is a translation of Yandex Safe Browsing API in English. In case of conflict between the Russian version of Yandex Safe Browsing API and this translation - only the Russian version of Yandex Safe Browsing API is legally binding. The Russian version of Yandex Safe Browsing API can be found here: https://yandex.kz/legal/yandex_sb_api.

Yandex LLC (hereafter "Yandex") offers the Internet user (heareafter "User") to use its Yandex Safe Browsing API service under the terms of this document (hereafter "Terms").

1. General terms

1.1. Definitions

Service - Yandex Safe Browsing API, a programming interface for examining Internet content, links (URLs) and other materials for potentially harmful software and other security threats.

API Key – unique identifier issued to the User for accessing the Service.

MAC Key – unique identifier automatically assigned to every unit (copy) of the software being examined with the Service and valid for one uninterrupted work session with the Service.

Data – information the Service supplies, meant to be viewed by Users, including but not limited to threat type at a particular URL.

1.2. The User's use of the Service is subject to these Terms as well as:

1.3. Start of use of the Service or its separate functions, including reception of an API Key, registration at the Service Web page, placement of the Service code at own website or use of any other feature of the Service constitutes the User's absolute and unqualified acceptance of these Terms as well as those in documents in c. 1.2 and commitment to abide by them. Use of the Service on terms different from those in the said documents requires Yandex's prior written consent. In case of disagreement with any terms in the said documents the User refrain from using the Service.

1.4. The User is solely responsible for adhering to the Law when using the Service. Throughout these Terms, unless stated otherwise, “the Law” refers to any applicable law, whether of the Russian Federation or the User's residence when acting with legal implications for these Terms. The User commits not to use the Service if any of its functions violate the Law.

1.5. These Terms and relationship between Yandex and the User in connection to the Service are subject to law of the Russian Federation.

2. Terms of use of the Service

2.1. To access the Service, including the URL-checking function provided as part of the Service, the User must complete the sign-in procedure and receive an API Key. Yandex at its discretion may refuse access to the Service without giving any reason. The User may not use any program, device and other means of obtaining an API Key automatically or otherwise bypassing the Yandex-set procedure or accessing the Service without an API Key.

2.2. The User may use the Service only for Internet services and applications open to free and unlimited public access. The User may not use the Service for commercial projects or others with limited access. Requirement to sign in does not constitute limitation of access under this provision.

2.3. The User may not violate the purpose of the Service when making use of data and functions received with the Service.

2.4. The User may not delete, conceal or modify any trademark, logo, link and other reference to Yandex or other parties or any other notices as well as information provided by the Service or contained in it. The User must indicate that Yandex technology is employed by placing at least one of the following:

2.4.1. Yandex logo, abiding by the rules at http://company.yandex.ru/about/logotype/rules.xml;

2.4.2. Links to the Service Web page (http://safe.yandex.ru);

2.4.3. Service logo available at http://yadi.sk/d/WdTH74Cp3sovi, no smaller than 32х32 pixels;

2.4.4. “Yandex-tested” caption with font size of at least 8 points that can be easily read in normal browsing.

2.5. The User may not alter, decompile or otherwise change the programming code of the Service.

2.6. Yandex reserves the right to restrict use of the Service, including but not limited to maximum number of the Server requests of a certain type for a particular period, simultaneous IP addresses and MAC Keys connected to the Service, and to change these limits at its discretion without prior notice.

2.7. The maximum number of request to the URL-checking function provided as part of the Service is limited to 100 000 (one hundred thousand) for one API Key per day. The function will also be denied in case of any of the following:

2.7.1. The Internet service or application of the User making a request to the function has over 10000 (ten thousand) end users;

2.7.2. Over 10000 (ten thousand) client IP addresses request to the function simultaneously; and

2.7.3. Over 10000 (ten thousand) MAC Keys request to the function simultaneously.

2.8. The User is hereby informed and agrees that the Service may gather information about materials checked, including URL and visit frequency, and pass it to Yandex for development of the Service and other Yandex services.

2.9. The User may not employ the Service to create Internet services and applications or otherwise that violates the Law, documents in c.1.2 of these Terms or rights and legitimate interests of third parties.

2.10. Yandex reserves the right to change, fix and update the Service at any time without prior notice. After release of a new stable version of the Service Yandex reports the fact on Service Web pages. Yandex does not guarantee stability and run time of obsolete versions of the Service. User who declines to use the latest version may use an obsolete version at his own risk or discontinue using the Service by removing the appropriate code from his Web pages.

2.11. Yandex reserves the right to include at its discretion promotional materials in the Data. The User may not remove, conceal or modify promotional data so placed without concent from Yandex.

2.12. Yandex may at its discretion stop or suspend User's access to the Service without notice or explanation, for example, in case of breach of the Terms by User.

3. Intellectual property

3.1. The Service is exclusive intellectual property of Yandex. Yandex or other property owners retain exclusive rights to the Data. These Terms do not give the User any claim to the Service or the Data other than what is presented in the Service interface according to these Terms.

3.2. The User allows Yandex to feature his logo, trademark and brand name, or that of his Web page, in informational and promotional materials without separate permission and remuneration.

4. Disclaimer

4.1. The Service, including the Data, is supplied “as is.” Yandex does not guarantee that the Service and the Data meet the User's expectations and goals, nor constant and error-free functioning of the Service or its parts, nor credibility, accuracy, completeness, and relevancy of the Data, nor constant and error-free functioning of third-party software products and solutions, including libraries, recommended for use with the Service in the technical specifications and other documentation related to the Service.

4.2. Use and safekeeping of an API Key are the User's sole responsibility. The User may not accept or pass an API Key to other parties. Yandex is not responsible for unauthorized use of API Keys by third parties. All Service actions performed with the API Key of the User will be considered actions of the User

5. Final provisions

5.1. Yandex may at its discretion stop or suspend the User's access to the Service or particular functions with the User's account and API Key, without explanation, for example, in case of breach of the Terms by the User.

5.2. All queries and claims related to use or impossibility of using the Service should be directed via the form available at http://feedback2.yandex.com/safebrowsing.

5.3. Yandex may change the Terms at any time without notice. The current edition of the Terms can be found at https://yandex.kz/legal/yandex_sb_api. New editions come into force after being published at the address above. Continued use of the Service constitutes agreement to the new Terms. The User must discontinue using the Service if he finds any change of Terms disagreeable.