Yandex.Plus Benefits

Service Benefit Description Terms
Yandex.Music Additional access to Yandex.Music Database (access to all the tracks in Yandex.Music database, high-quality sound, commercial-free playback, phone downloads (available only in Yandex.Music for mobile devices)).

Log into a Yandex.Plus-linked account in the mobile app.


Advanced features of Yandex.Disk (10GB)

30% discount to purchase Yandex.Disk advanced features.

Log into a Yandex.Plus-linked account to use it in Yandex.Disk program and Yandex.Disk app.

The discount is only available, if you have a valid Yandex.Plus subscription.

Yandex.Taxi 10% discount for the partners' passenger and baggage transportation services under the Comfort and Business tariffs

The discount only applies to mobile app orders.

To activate the discount, please link a phone number that will be used in Yandex.Taxi mobile app.

KinoPoisk Access to exclusive premieres, movies, and TV shows from a large library for subscribers.

The benefit allows to watch free-of-charge and commercial-free movies, TV shows, and cartoons specified at *.

Streaming is available for SmartTV, KinoPoisk web and touch versions.

*Warner Bros. Pictures movies and TV shows are not free-of-charge in the free subscription period.

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Effective date: 03.08.2019

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