Terms of Use of Yandex.Flights Service

1. General Provisions

1.1. Yandex LLC (“Yandex”) offers the Internet user (“User”) the Yandex.Flights Service available at: http://avia.yandex.ru/ (“Service”).

1.2. These Terms and Conditions are supplementary to Yandex services user agreement related to the procedure of the use of the Service. In all matters not covered in these Terms and Conditions, the relations between Yandex and the User with respect to the use of Service are regulated by Yandex services user agreement, as well as the License to use Yandex search engine (https://yandex.kz/legal/termsofuse/ and Privacy Policy (https://yandex.kz/legal/confidential/).

1.3. When starting to use the Service / its particular functions, the User is deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions as well as the conditions of all the above documents in full, with no options or exceptions. In case of disagreement with any of the provisions in the aforementioned documents, the User shall not use the Service.

1.4. Yandex may modify these Terms and Conditions without any special notice. A revised version of the Terms and Conditions will be effective on the date when it is posted on the Internet at the url as specified in this paragraph, unless otherwise provided by a newer version of the Terms and Conditions. The current version of the Terms and Conditions is always available at https://yandex.kz/legal/ticket_termsofuse.

1.5. The User shall stop using the Service in case of disagreement with any amendments to the Terms and Conditions made by Yandex in the manner prescribed by par. 1.4. hereof.

1.6. The Service provides to the User an option to gain access to (or to search for) the information about Yandex partners’ air ticketing offers. All currently existing Service functions, as well as any development thereof and / or newly added services are subject to these Terms and Conditions.

2. Use of the Service. Particular Service Functions

2.1. The Service uses the information provided by Yandex partners. This information is accompanied with an indication to the Yandex partner (including through the placement of its logo, and (or) firm name and (or) a link to the partner website), which provides information. More information about Yandex partner User can get on the Yandex partner's site in the Internet.

2.2. Any information used in the Service is intended solely for non-commercial use. At the same time, any duplication, reproduction, processing, distribution or communication of the data to the public (publishing) on the Internet, any use thereof in the mass media and / or for commercial purposes without the prior written permission of Yandex is prohibited, except as otherwise expressly provided herein as well as by terms of use of other Yandex services or documents referred to in paragraph 1.2. hereof.

2.3. Processing tickets and payment is made directly through Yandex partners’ websites. Yandex is not responsible neither for any financial or other transactions performed on the websites of its partners, nor for any consequences of the User’s buying tickets on the above websites.

2.4. Yandex is not responsible for the relevance of the information, including the information regarding the availability and cost of tickets provided by Yandex partners.

2.5. The information about the flight, terms and conditions of the contract of carriage and services on the board of aircraft, including the information about the type of aircraft, carrier, schedule, rout, departure/arrival time, airport of departure/arrival, flight delay (cancellation), carriers' rules of transportation of passengers and baggage is the reference information and should be verified by User with the Yandex's partners or the relevant carrier. Yandex is not responsible for the relevance of such information.

2.6. Yandex reserves the right at its sole discretion to limit the User’s access to the Service (or its particular features, if technologically applicable) with the use of the User’s account, or completely lock the User’s account in case of a repeated breach of the Terms and Conditions, as well as take remedial actions toward the User in order to comply with the law or the rights and legitimate interests of third parties.


Date: 28.11.2016

Previous version of the document: https://yandex.kz/legal/ticket_termsofuse/07102016/

Previous version of the document: https://yandex.kz/legal/ticket_termsofuse/31072014/