License to use Yandex Search Engine

This document is a translation of License to use Yandex Search Engine in English. In case of conflict between the Russian version of License to use Yandex Search Engine and this translation - only the Russian version of License to use Yandex Search Engine is legally binding. The Russian version of License to use Yandex Search Engine can be found here:

1. General Provisions

1.1. YANDEX LLC (hereinafter – “Yandex”) offers Internet users (hereinafter – the “User”) the opportunity to use the Yandex search engine for online information search. The service is available at (hereinafter – the “Service”).

1.2. These Terms are additional to the User Agreement for Yandex services regarding the Service use procedure. In any issues not prescribed hereby, the relations between Yandex and the User regarding the Service shall be regulated by the User Agreement for Yandex services ( and Privacy Policy (

1.3. By starting to use the Service/its separate functions, the User shall be considered to have agreed to these Terms and the conditions of all the above documents in full without any restrictions and exclusions. If the User does not agree to any provisions of the above documents, the User may not use the Service.

1.4. These Terms may be amended by Yandex without any notice, and a new revision of these Terms shall take effect when posted online at the web address given in this paragraph, unless otherwise stated in the new revision of these Terms. The current revision of these Terms is always available at

1.5. If Yandex makes any changes to these Terms as prescribed by Clause 1.4 hereof to which the User does not agree, the User shall stop using the Service.

1.6. All currently available functions of the Service as well as any development and/or addition of new functions shall be the subject of these Terms.

2. Service Use. Service Functions

2.1. The Service is provided to the User free of charge and is designed exclusively for personal non-commercial use except for any cases prescribed by this License, the documents listed in Clause 1.2 hereof or the Terms of Use of specific Yandex services. To use the Service in any other ways and with any other purposes, the User shall obtain Yandex’s prior written support. The User may request additional information at

2.2. If the Service is used for commercial purposes to provide online search and/or navigation services, the User shall notify his client and provide a link to the Yandex Service ( The User may post on his personal or corporate website the Yandex search form with mandatory observance of Terms of Yandex.Site search service (

2.3. The User may send automatic requests to the Service only in compliance with the requirements according to Terms of Yandex.XML service (

2.4. Yandex shall have the right not to process requests from any Users, websites and software that breach the terms of this License.

2.5. Terms of use of warning of potentially harmful websites

2.5.1. Yandex provides the functionality of warning the user of websites with potentially dangerous pages (hereinafter referred to as “Potentially Dangerous Websites”), for example, pages with malicious code (hereinafter – the “Function”) “as is”. Potentially Dangerous Websites can also be assigned lower ranking or be removed from the Service database. Information on potential risks of certain websites, on the extent and nature of such risks (hereinafter referred to as the “Information”) shall be provided by Yandex’s partners or determined by Yandex through own practices. Yandex does not give any explanations regarding reasons of revering a website to potentially hazardous ones. Yandex does not guarantee compliance of the Function with the User’s goals and expectations, uninterrupted and error-free operation of the Function and does not guarantee the accuracy of Information (in particular, does not guarantee that websites not reported as potentially hazardous do not contain any malicious codes, and vice versa). The User shall independently assess risks and be responsible for his actions regarding the use of Information. Yandex shall not be responsible and shall not reimburse any direct or indirect losses incurred by website owners, the User or third parties as a result of use or inability to use the Function as well as the use or inability to use the Information, including but not limited to any losses incurred due to inaccuracy of Information.

2.5.2. Any comments and/or complaints regarding the Function operation, please send to

2.5.3. Yandex may without notice at its discretion terminate or suspend the provision of Information without any reason.

2.6. Some links to websites displayed in search results may have special tags providing additional information about the website and/or its features. Special tags can be assigned to a website automatically based on user activity data processed automatically or can provide explanations about the source of such information. Special tags are put and provided to Users ‘as is’. Yandex is not liable for the accurate placement of a special tag and the reliability of additional information about the website, as well as for decisions Users make based on such tags. Detailed information on the meaning of special tags is available at:

2.7. Some links to websites and interactive search elements displayed as search hits can have a contact form button for the User to interact with Yandex’s partners and discuss services they render, information distribution, and actions they perform as per the User’s instructions related to goods / services offered on the website through the link. Since Yandex is not a party to relations between the User and Yandex’s partner, it is not liable for activities Yandex’s partner performs to process information the User transferred, nor does it guarantee that actions of Yandex’s partner are proper, accurate, correct, and legitimate.

A contact form button next to a website has no effect on its ranking among search hits.

2.8. Yandex may restrict the access of the User to the Service (or certain functions of the Service if technically possible) through an account or block the User’s account in case of repeated violation of these Terms (if the User accesses the Service through the User’s account) or take other action regarding the User to observe legal requirements, third party rights and legitimate interests.

3. Website Indexation

3.1. Yandex indexes pages of websites created by third parties. Yandex shall not be responsible for the quality and content of such pages. Indexation is performed by a robot of the Yandex search engine automatically based on certain algorithms that do not imply any prior or subsequent evaluation of website content (moderation) regarding its compliance with legal, ethic or moral requirements as well as any censorship. Yandex is not responsible for availability/absence, content and quality of any offers of services, products, etc. available to the User through third party websites indexed by Yandex or for any losses incurred by the User by using such offers.

3.2. Any changes at website pages are monitored by Yandex robot automatically (reindexing) to update search results. However, any information and materials posted at third party websites may be changed at any time by website owners Yandex does not monitor and is not responsible for any changes at such websites.

3.3. Yandex does not guarantee to the User that the results of the User’s search will be exhaustive and that the User will obtain all information available online regarding the search request. Yandex shall not be responsible for absolute accuracy/relevance of links to websites in search results of the Service according to the User's request.

3.4. Yandex includes in the Service base all website pages in the Russian language or targeted towards Russia. Yandex may at its discretion decide which websites shall be included in the Service base.

3.5. The sequencing of results as a part of the indexation and search process is fully automated according to relevancy requirements that may be changed to enhance service quality at Yandex's discretion. Yandex interprets relevancy as best compliance of search results to a request of users searching for information which may generally not comply with interests of website owners or certain Users.

3.6. Yandex does not manipulate website positions in the Service search results by any requests of the User (key words), does not sell any positions at any time and does not guarantee the same position of any website in search results by any User's requests.

3.7. Spamdexing is an attempt to manipulate the Service search engine and search results to change the position of any website. Websites using spamdexing may be displayed at a lower position or excluded from the Service base due to inability to proper rank such websites.

3.8. Yandex shall not give any comments regarding exclusion of websites from the Service base and/or changes in their position, shall not give notices of its actions or any guarantees or periods upon expiration of which websites will be re-included in the Service base/their position will be changed.

3.9. Yandex shall have the right not to disclose the full list of spamdexing methods that may result in website exclusion from the Service base and/or changes in its position. For more information, please go to How does Yandex see a difference between high quality and poor quality websites? at

4. Confidentiality and Privacy

4.1. The relations between the User and Yandex regarding any information that Yandex may obtain about the User in the process of the User using the Service shall be regulated by the Privacy Policy (

4.2. Yandex indexes pages of websites that are generally available online, i.e. those pages that can be accessed by link without a login and password, indexation of which is not prohibited in robots.txt of the corresponding website (for more information please see Any complaints regarding availability in the Service base of any website pages that are open in this respect shall not be accepted.

5. Interactive search elements

5.1. Yandex may place interactive search elements at search results page in one of the described below forms or in several described below forms at a time.

5.1.1. Excluded.

5.1.2. Information blocks, containing data that is suggested for User’s attention independently and apart from search results data. These blocks may be presented in a form of suggest (a quick response to user’s search query displayed in the search query input form), or in a form of data block displayed at any part of the page that is not already occupied by search results, or in any other form performed accordingly to the principles set in this clause. Such information blocks are created and placed by Yandex and cannot be qualified as a part of search results. A placing of such blocks in search results page is performed with a distinct separation of such blocks from search results through design difference, placement of the block separately from search results or by any other means.

5.2. Interactive search elements are not interfering with unmanly maintained automatic search algorithms and therefore cannot be qualified as an instrument of third parties web sites prioritizing or advancing in search results ranging process.


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