User Agreement for use of the API functionality within Yandex Partner Interface

This Agreement shall govern the relations between you (hereinafter — “you” or “User”) and YANDEX LLC (hereinafter — “Yandex”) in regard to using the API functionality (hereinafter — “API”) within Yandex’s Partner Interface (hereinafter — “Service”).

1. Yandex hereby allows you to use API to obtain your income statistics and edit your Products, in any other manner not inconsistent herewith. The usage of API within the Service shall be governed by this Agreement, Yandex User Agreement available at:, Privacy Policy available at, and an individual agreement (if any).

1.1. By using the Service or any of its functions, which includes receiving the API-key, signing up to the Service, embedding the Service code in the User’s website or using any other functions offered by the Service, the User accepts all terms and conditions of this Agreement, as well as all terms and conditions of all documents specified in Section 1, without any reservations or exceptions, and shall comply therewith. The Service shall not be used under any terms and conditions different from those laid down in the documents, unless such usage is previously approved by Yandex in writing. If the User disagrees with any terms of the above documents, the User may not use the Service.

1.2. The User shall be solely liable for his compliance with the applicable Laws when using the Service. Unless expressly specified otherwise, Laws anywhere in this Agreement shall mean any applicable laws, including Russian laws, laws applicable at the User’s place of stay or at the venue of the User’s legally significant arrangements hereunder. Whenever the usage of any of the options offered by the Service violates the Laws, the User shall avoid using the Service.

1.3. The Russian laws shall apply to both this Agreement and the relations between Yandex and the User arising from the use of the Service.

2. For the purposes of this Agreement the following terms shall be used:

“Service” means the API service of Yandex’s Partner Interface which is a programming interface enabling partners to sign up, create Products and browse Product statistical statements.

“API-key” means a unique ID for the User to access the Service’s functions through his or her website(s).

“Data” means information received from the Service to be exhibited to Users, including, but not limited to, user details, the list of Products and Product statistics.

“Product” means an interface unit of various services offered by Yandex by which the User may view his or her statistics.

3. Terms of using API:

3.1. To access the Service the User shall duly sign up and obtain the API-key (token). Yandex may, at its own discretion, deny the access to the Service without giving a reason. The User may not use any software, devices or other facilities helping to get the API-key either automatically or otherwise in violation of the Yandex’s procedure.

3.2. The User may use the Service only for the purposes of web-services or computer software available to the public for free and open use. The User may not use the Service for any projects requiring payment or otherwise restricting the access thereto for third parties. For the purposes of this section, the requirement to sign up shall not be regarded as a restriction.

3.3. The User may use any data or functions obtained through the Service only within the functionality offered by the Service.

3.4. The User may not alter, decompile and/or somehow modify the software code obtained through the Service.

3.5. Yandex may, at its own discretion, terminate or suspend the User’s access to the Service without giving any notice or reason, particularly, if the User breaches any of the required as laid down herein.

4. Intellectual rights

4.1. Yandex shall own the exclusive right to the Service. And Yandex and other copyright holders shall own the exclusive rights to the Data. This Agreement shall not entitle the User to use the Service or Data other than through the options available in the Service interface, in accordance with this Agreement.

4.2. By using the Service the User entitles Yandex to use the logotype, trademark and/or corporate name of the User and/or the User’s website for information, advertising and marketing purposes without any additional permission of the User, and no fees shall be payable to the User for the above usage.

5. Disclaimer of guarantees, and limitation of liability

5.1. API (including the data obtained through it) is provided by Yandex “as is”. Yandex does not guarantee that API will meet the User’s goals and expectations, or operate without any failures or errors.

5.2. Yandex shall not be liable for or reimburse any direct or indirect damages suffered by the User due to using or failure to use the API itself or the information obtained through it.

5.3. The User shall be solely and fully liable for using and safe-keeping of the token. Yandex shall assume no liability whatsoever for any unauthorized use of the token by third parties.

5.4. Everything done through the User’s token shall be deemed the User’s actions. The User shall immediately notify Yandex of any unauthorized (i.e. not permitted by the User) access and/or any security violation.

5.5. The User understands and agrees that Yandex monitors all API-related activities and may gather and review the statistics of the User’s actions done through API.

5.6. The User shall be solely liable before any third parties for his or her actions done through the API, make sure they comply with the Laws and do not infringe the rights and legal interests of any third parties. The User shall at his sole discretion and expense settle all claims filed by any third parties in respect to the User’s actions through API.

5.7. The User shall be solely and fully liable for using and safe-keeping of his or her API-key. The User may not receive the API-key for any third parties, and may not give or make it available to any third parties. Yandex shall not bear any liability for unauthorized use of the API-key by any third parties. Everything done within the Service through the User’s API-key shall be deemed the User’s actions.

6. Final clauses

6.1. Yandex, without any notice and at its own discretion, may terminate or suspend the User’s access to the Service or to some of its functions through his or her account and/or API-key without giving a reason, and specifically if the User breaches this Agreement.

6.2. All queries and claims relating to usage or failure to use the Service shall be sent using the feedback form available at

6.3. Yandex may revise this Agreement at any time without notifying the User. The current version of this Agreement is available at The revised Agreement shall come into effect as soon as it is made available online at the address specified in this paragraph. The User’s continued use of the Service following the revision shall be deemed his or her acceptance of the revised Agreement. The User shall stop using the Service if any of Yandex’s modifications made herein are inacceptable to the User.