Terms of Participation

This document is a translation of Terms of Participation in English. In case of conflict between the Russian version of Terms of Participation and this translation - only the Russian version of Terms of Participation is legally binding. The Russian version of Terms of Participation can be found here: https://yandex.ru/legal/partner/?lang=ru.

The Yandex Advertising Network is open to any website that:

  • has at least 300 daily visitors during a minimum of а month;

  • is located on a paid hosting service or on Yandex's free hosting website, narod.ru (http://www.narod.ru/);

  • has run at least one month before it's submitted for inclusion in Yandex Advertising Network.

Yandex does not serve ads on websites that:

  • do not comply with the current RF legislation;

  • promote discrimination based on gender, race, nationality, religious beliefs, social status or income;

  • contain offensive and/or pornographic material;

  • are homepages, online-casino, unmoderated forums, file-sharing websites, classifieds websites or unstructured (inconsistently structured) catalogs;

  • offering pay-per-view and/or clicking on ads/banners or other types of advertising, payment for viewing of websites, letters, etc., as well as similar types of earnings in the Internet;

  • have misleading content;

  • spread viruses, trojans or other malware;

  • have too many key words or irrelevant keywords on their pages;

  • do not comply with License to use Yandex Search Engine (https://yandex.kz/legal/termsofuse/).

The Yandex Advertising Network does not accept websites created for monetizing using advertising programs. Please also see «How does a quality website differ from a faulty website?» (http://webmaster.yandex.ru/faq.xml?id=985118).

When displaying context ads:

When displaying Yandex contextual ads:

  • make sure ads served by other systems differ from the ads served by Yandex i.e. have format and graphics different from format and graphics of the ads served by Yandex;

  • do not configure page viewing options on the website to change display order of the ads;

  • prohibited to hide service links «All ads» or «All offers» in the ads served by Yandex.Direct or Yandex.Market;

  • make sure ad code of any other contextual advertising system does not interfere with the ad code of the Yandex Advertising Network or affects the ads served by Yandex in any other way;

  • make sure you do not use the code for context ads on the search results pages on your website. To display ads on the search results pages, use the code for search ads.

When displaying search ads:

  • text blocks Yandex.Direct and Yandex.Market, including service links «All Ads», «All offers», etc., should be placed either on one side of the list of documents found on search results pages, or directly below the search results;

  • if Yandex.Direct block is placed directly under the search results, ad block shall contain no more than four ads;

  • special placement block can be located above the list of found documents, accompanied by text reference to «Yandex.Advertisement» to indicate that advertising is provided by Yandex;

  • you cannot display only the premium ad without displaying other ads served by Yandex.Direct;

  • placement of search advertising is possible only on search results pages, if any;

  • it's forbidden to use search ads on contextual pages – the calling code of ad blocks for the search results should only be used in the search results of a website;

  • placement of the search code with the transfer of preset search queries is prohibited;

  • if the search results are provided by using the service Yandex.XML (http://xml.yandex.ru/), then the partner must observe the restrictions described in Site Search (http://help.yandex.ru/partner/?id=1019919).

When displaying media ads:

  • make sure the banner ad on your website is visible without scrolling at 1024x768 resolution.

Advertising security

Invalid (fraudulent) clicks will not be considered in determining partners' remuneration. Any type of click fraud is expressly forbidden. By joining the Yandex Advertising Network, website owners agree:

  • not to place attention-catching or misleading phrases or images above the ads served by Yandex, such as the "pay attention", "our sponsors", "click the ads", "support us", "menu" , etc.;

  • directly or indirectly generate queries, do not implement ads impressions or clicks on it on any search results and / or on content-based pages (either alone or through the involvement of third parties) either manually and / or using any possible software and hardware, including through the use of any automated means of reproduction of impressions and clicks (repeated clicks, the use of software agents, etc.), but not limited to the above mentioned;

  • not to change hyperlinks in the ads, or alter in any other manner redirection from the ads as specified by Yandex; not to hamper in any other manner user access to hyperlinked websites (pages) or replace them;

  • not to delete, edit, minimize, filter, change display order, appearance or other viewing options of the ads served by Yandex.


In case of violation of these Terms, Yandex reserves the right to suspend ads or take other measures aimed at protecting the rights of our advertisers.

Yandex reserves the right to reject any application to participate in the Advertising Network without explanation.