Promo Code Use Policy

1. Terms

Promo Code means a certain sequence of symbols, which grants a Subscription to the User when activated and subject to other terms of use of the Promo Code.

Subscription means extended options of the Service provided for a period set by YANDEX LLC, namely greater, as compared to standard (available to any user at the time the Promotion starts), disk space on Yandex.Disk in the amount set by YANDEX LLC, to perform actions listed in cl. 2.1 of the Terms of Use posted online at:

Yandex.Disk / Service means the Yandex.Disk service available to Users at under the terms posted online at, as well as program for mobile devices (Yandex.Disk mobile application) owned by Yandex or its affiliates and the right of use whereof are granted to Users under the License Agreement posted online at:

User means an individual using the Service.

Coupon means a document (including a paper card or any other handout; poster or any other medium intended for public display; any other promo material) containing the Promo Code and the terms of use thereof.

Website means a web page containing the Promo Code.

Promo Code Activation Period means time period set by YANDEX LLC, during which the User can activate their Subscription.

2. The Promo Code and the terms of use thereof can be made known to the User by specifying them in the Coupon or on the Website.

3. If the Coupon and/or the Website specifies no Promo Code Activation Period, this period is deemed to be limited by the time, during which the corresponding Coupon / Promo Code is available to the public.

4. The Promo Code can be activated during the Promo Code Activation Period on the page at

5. The Promo Code can be used by one User only once, unless the Coupon or the Website specify otherwise.

6. To counteract unfair use and/or misuse of Promo Codes, Yandex reserves the right to check by certain means whether the User abuses and/or uses the Promo Code unfairly.

7. The Promo Code can be unavailable for technical reasons, if User failed to update the Service to the latest available version and/or otherwise.

8. The Subscription is non-pecuniary.

9. Promo code activation means that the User accepted these Terms in full.

10. In reviewing applications related to Promo Code activation or use, Yandex.Disk help desk may request and the applying User shall confirm that he or she actually received the Promo Code: a photo of a Promo Code card, a screenshot of a Promo Code page and/or any other confirmation as instructed by the help desk. If no such confirmation is provided, the Service reserves the right to refuse to provide the Subscription.


Date: 20.02.2018