Terms of Use of Yandex.Collections

1. General Provisions

1.1. YANDEX LLC (hereinafter referred to as Yandex) invites an Internet user (hereinafter referred to as the User) to use Yandex.Collections available at: https://yandex.com/collections (hereinafter referred to as the Service).

1.2. These Terms supplement the User Agreement for Yandex Services and define the way the Service is used. In all matters not covered by these Terms, the relations between Yandex and the User in using the Service shall be governed by:

1.3. Once the User starts using the Service/its certain functions, he or she is deemed to have accepted these Terms as well as terms and conditions of all of the above documents, in full, without any exceptions or reservations. If the User does not accept any of the terms and conditions of the above documents, the User may not use the Service.

1.4. Yandex may amend these Terms without any special notice; revised Terms shall take effect once posted online at the URL given in this clause, unless otherwise specified in such revised Terms. The current Terms are always available at: https://yandex.kz/legal/collections_termsofuse.

1.5. If Yandex somehow amends these Terms as specified in cl. 1.4 hereof, and the User disagrees with such amendments, he or she shall stop using the Service.

2. Use of the Service. Certain Functions of the Service

2.1. Yandex provides a way for the User to perform the following actions via the Service without charge:

  • add in his or her Service account links to images the User found on the Internet via the Service or downloaded to the Service as preview (hereinafter referred to as the content) categorizing such content as he or she thinks fit (hereinafter referred to as Collections);

  • review Collections;

  • change, delete and manage third-party access to Collections the User created;

  • perform other actions expressly stipulated by functions of the Service, compliant with provisions of these Terms, documents they refer to and laws of the Russian Federation.

2.2. To use all or most of the functions of the Service, the User should use his or her account by logging in to the Service with details of his or her Yandex account. Certain functions of the Service only related to viewing other Users' Collections and content searching can be provided to the User that has no Yandex account.

2.3. The User can add comments to the content in Collections. At the same time, the User can adjust the visibility of another User's specific comment, and if such comment violates these Terms, documents they refer to and laws of the Russian Federation, the User can complain about such comment using the respective function of the Service.

2.4. The User agrees that the User's Collections he or she disclosed to third parties will be available with all the content found in such Collections to all other Users and on other Yandex resources, can be used by Yandex in other Yandex services and applications, advertising or marketing materials placed on Yandex resources online to draw attention of other Users to the User's Collections, to the Service in general or to other Yandex applications and services, with no need to secure special authorization of the User.

2.5. If any image (or a link thereto) the User added to Collections as content is removed or changed by the owner of such image or by a manager of a resource containing such image, the content can be similarly changed (removed) in the User's Collection with a time delay given technological aspects of operation of the Service. It means that the Service does not guarantee the invariability and availability of the content source, even if the relevant content remains unchanged in the Collection. The User can learn about changes in the content source following the link displayed with such content.

2.6. Functions of the Service can provide a way to add content from another User's Collection to the User's Collection (and vice versa) with no information on another User and his or her Collection saved. If an image (a link thereto) owned by the User is used as content, such User having made the said content available to other Users provides to another User, who has added such content to his or her Collection, a royalty-free ordinary license to use such image while the exclusive rights to such image are valid worldwide by adding such image as content in such other User's Collection with no reference to the User owning it and his or her Collection, in which such content was initially found, and by using such image as content in such other User's Collection as explicit functions of the Service permit, with no obligation to report on such uses.

2.7. The User understands and agrees that Yandex may use automatic filters on the Service, which can limit third-party access to the User's Collection or certain content the User added to his or her Collection.

2.8. It is only possible to use the Service with Internet access available. The User shall independently obtain and pay for such access under terms and as per tariffs of his or her telecom or Internet provider.

2.9. Yandex reserves the right to regulate, limit and restrict (technically, legally, organizationally, etc.) the use of the Service and can change such regulations, limits and restrictions as it thinks fit, with no prior notice given to the User. Where it is not against the law, such regulations, limits and restrictions may differ for different user categories.

2.10. Yandex reserves the right to limit the User’s access to the Service (or to certain functions of the Service, if technically feasible) by using his or her account or to fully block the User’s account, if these Terms or documents they refer to are violated on repeated occasions.

2.11. Irrespective of the User’s location or the location of his or her equipment, any and all relations associated with the use of the Service shall be governed by laws of the Russian Federation, and any and all claims or actions arising out of or in connection with the use of the Service shall be submitted to and reviewed by courts at the location of Yandex.

2.12. Any and all questions, requests and claims related to the use/unavailability of the Service and potential breaches of laws and/or infringement of third-party rights shall be forwarded via the feedback form available at https://yandex.com/support/collections/troubleshooting.xml.

2.13. Using the Service, the User agrees to receive promotional messages as per P. 1 of Art. 18 of the Federal Law "On Advertising". The User may unsubscribe from promotional messages by using relevant functions of the Service or following instructions specified in a promotional message he or she received.

3. Limitation of Liability

3.1. Terms and conditions of certain Internet resources, including social networks, can prohibit to use or limit the use of images (links thereto) placed there outside such Internet resources. To respect rights of third parties – managers, owners and users of such Internet resources, and owners of the said images – the User undertakes to read the said terms and conditions before he or she adds the content in Collections, i.e. links to such images (as preview) the User found on such Internet resources.

3.2. The restrictions set by the User Agreement for Yandex Services apply to the content and actions performed with it. The User undertakes to adhere to the said restrictions in full.

3.3. Yandex is under no obligation to moderate, view, edit or control the content and Collections the User places via the Service and cannot guarantee that the content and Collections the User placed via the Service do not violate these Terms, legal acts and other documents. The User acknowledges and agrees that Yandex is under no obligation to view any content and Collections placed and/or distributed via the Service. The User understands and agrees that he or she shall independently assess all risks associated with the use of the content and Collections placed in the Service, inter alia, assess their legality.

Date of publication: 15.01.2018