Terms of placement

This document is a translation of Terms of placement in English. In case of conflict between the Russian version of Terms of placement and this translation - only the Russian version of Terms of placement is legally binding. The Russian version of Terms of placement can be found here: https://yandex.ru/legal/airplane_timetable_adv_rules/?lang=ru.


Yandex.Timetables (http://rasp.yandex.ru) is an information and reference service, which contains information on the current timetables of planes, trains, electric trains and buses. The service is used by those who are planning a trip and are looking for current information on routes and flights.

Yandex.Timetables also offers a convenient system of selection of air tickets by date, departure or arrival time, airlines and other parameters.

Air ticket agencies may show their offers on Yandex.Timetables to the users who are looking for a convenient flight.

Terms of placement

Format and content of advertising materials:

Advertising-promotional materials that contain information on prices, specifications, availability of air tickets offered by the advertiser during the current period.

Format of advertising materials:

• Unit, containing information on the price of the air ticket.

• Logo (banner):

  • maximum size of 150x50 pixels;

  • file size: 5 KB;

  • supported format: PNG, AI, EPS.

Advertising space:

1.1. The Yandex.Timetables.

On the “Buy tickets” pages of the Yandex.Timetables (under the flight information) – all advertising offers.

Terms of display:

Advertising offers are placed in the Advertising spaces in the order of increasing the price of the air ticket.

Advertising requirements:

Advertising materials must correspond to the standards and requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation, and also to the “General Terms and Conditions Advertising Requirements” available online at http://advertising.yandex.ru/trebovaniya1.xml.


The rate per click is set in fixed amount 12 rubles (with VAT).


Placement on Yandex.Timetables

Yandex shows the visitor flights’ offers in required direction when it searches for flights on Yandex.Timetables in the “Buy the ticket” tab (http://advertising.yandex.ru/context/rasp/index.xml):

The user clicks on the link in the search results (http://advertising.yandex.ru/context/rasp/index.xml):

And goes to the page with detailed information on the selected flight (http://advertising.yandex.ru/context/rasp/index.xml):

If the user agrees to all the terms, he presses the “Buy” button and goes to the page of personal data input on the advertiser’s web site. The form already includes the parameters selected at Yandex.Timetables – the user has to enter only its personal data and place an order.

How to place materials

For placement you need to register in the client web interface of Yandex.Timetables (http://partner.rasp.yandex.ru).

You should specify the company name, contact information, billing information and password. Based on these data an account is created and login is provided.

Information on the current balance, credit limit amount provided (in case of entering into the agreement on the terms of deferred payment) and clicks’ statistics is available in the client web interface (http://advertising.yandex.ru/context/rasp/index.xml).