Yandex.Air Tickets. Placement terms

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Yandex. Air Tickets — information and reference service which provides information on flights, airlines, air fares and a possibility of choosing air tickets by dates, time of departure or arrival, airlines, and other parameters.

1. Placement terms.

1.1. Format and content of advertising materials:

  • Advertising informational materials provided by the Customer and containing information on the number of air tickets available for booking (purchase), and air fares, as well as other information agreed by the parties.

  • Format of advertising materials:

    • Block containing the latest information about the air fare.

    • Logo (banner):

      — maximum size of 150*50 pixels;

      — file size: 5 KB;

      — supported formats: AI, EPS.

1.2. Placement location:

Yandex.Tickets service ( — all advertising materials.

1.3. Display terms:

Advertising informational materials shall be placed at Placement locations in order of increasing of air fares.

1.4. Requirements for advertising and information materials:

  • Advertising and information materials shall comply with the standards and requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as “Advertising requirements”, placed on open access in the Internet at:

  • Advertising and information materials provided by the Customer shall also comply with current offers of the Customer for the purchase and booking air tickets at the time of provision.

  • When placing advertising informational materials targeted to Ukraine, the Republic of Kazakhstan or the Republic of Belarus, the air fare may be displayed in the national currency of the corresponding country and/or the currency selected by the user. When displaying the air fare in currencies other than Russian rubles, such value is calculated automatically according to the current exchange rate established by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The Customer shall assure the control over the compliance of the air fare with the actual offer price of such air fare.

1.5. Rates:

The rate per click is set at a fixed amount — 18 rubles (VAT included).

For the purposes of this document, the notation “xx”, used in the domain name shall mean any top-level or second-level domain area where Yandex administers the domain with the specified name.



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